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professional internships
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Fields of Internships

Internship India ensures that candidates receive training compatible with their educational history.

Internship lengths vary depending on the candidate. The minimum length is 6 weeks and maximum length is 26 weeks.

Candidates can choose from any of the following fields or specify and we will match their request with a suitable organization:



Human Resources

Hospitality and Tourism Engineering Banking and Finance


Agriculture Aged Care and Child Care
Accounting Business Process Outsourcing Graphic Design
Medical and Health Services Micro-Finance Telecommunications
Wholesale Travel



Sport Media and Journalism
Information Technology Law and Politics Political Science

If your internship area is not listed here please contact our friendly staff and they will help you

(Interns have a chance to add a nationally recognized certificate from an internationally recognised university as a part of their internship program at a very affordable cost of $250-$400 only)